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Nexus is a game based in reality. It is primarily a stress test using a new set of rules that I came up with to cater to my needs as a DM.

Each player has an unlimited number of character points to create their characters with. The only draw back is that they must create themselves in a realistic fashion. The process includes self reflection on the nature of themselves.

The game begins with 3 friends playing a game of Mage Wars. The next thing they know they are themselves dropped into the dungeon that their characters had just finished exploring.

Shortly there after they shift from world to world seemingly at random until they return home, only to find that it has been decimated.

Nexus points have been opening all over the world. Millions have died plunging this realm into chaos. The survivors have banded together and been seeking out the cause of the problem.

The survivors have discovered that they each posses an ability referred to as Emulate. They can mimic the effects of any one power that they observe. Their mimicry is sometimes a far-cry from the awesome power that they have witnessed, and sometimes they can expand and improve upon the things that they have seen.

The world is broken. Will you fix it or use your new found ability to bring power to yourself.

Home Page

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